Nora Jean Wallace @ Bluesheaven 2021, Fredrikshavn DK

  • 13. November 2021

Koko Taylor said: “ Nora Jean sounds just like I did when I was her age. She is one of the new upcoming women thats singing the real blues.

I know she is going to make it . ” And she made it.

She performed at Arena Nord, Fredrikshavn DK on 2021-11-13.

Nora Jean Wallace (formerly Nora Jean Bruso) is a Chicago Blues singer with deep Delta roots. Nora Jean Bruso was born in 1956 and grew up in Greenwood, where Hubert Sumlin was also born in 1931, Robert Johnson was murdered here in 1938 and BB King started his disc jockey career in 1940. A town in the heart of a blues-rich region.

Nora was born into the world of music, as both her father and uncle were professional blues musicians and the mother gospel singer, the grandmother had a Joke Joint, where Nora snuck down and listened to the touring musicians and through that way got the great love for music from Howlin `Wolf, which continues to this day.

Nora’s singing career began in 1976, when she performed at several clubs on the West Side of Chicago. She released a single, ‘Untrue Lover’ in 1982

Nora’s big break came in 1985 when Jimmy Dawkins saw her perform at a local Chicago club and invited her to join her band. For the next seven years, they toured and recorded, Nora appeared on three of Jimmy’s CDs.

Her first solo release came in 2002, «Nora Jean Bruso Sings the Blues».

Her 2004 album, ‘Going Back To Mississippi’ was nominated for a Blues Music Award, it received much praise and made her a well-known figure in the Chicago blues community and she has toured in Europe, Canada and the US at major festivals such as King Biscuit Blues Festival in Helena and the Chicago Blues Festival.

Nora has been away from music since 2004, where she has cared for her now deceased mother. But in the midst of the world’s madness 2020, Nora returned to the absolute top of blues music with just as much power as when she left it. It proves the latest album “Blues Woman” where she sings with a power that tilts the soul out and leaves no doubt, especially when she sings the title song, “I’m A Blueswoman”, Nora Jean Wallace can and will still blues the music.


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