Blues Caravan 2019

  • 22. February 2019

Like every year since 2005 Ruf Records sent the Blues Caravan on its journey through Europe and the rest of the world. They stopped by at Music Hall, Worpswede DE on 2019-02-22 to present a very diversified and excellent show.

This years members have been the very talented “Texas Honey” Ally Venable (voc, g) from Houston TX,  the already experienced Ina Forsman (voc) from Finland and Norah Jones-influenced Katarina Pejak (voc, key) from Serbia/USA (Nashville) accompanied by Roger Inniss (b, musical director) and Elijah Owings (dr).

Katarina Pejak is a singer/songwriter and piano player who combines genres of the American roots music, filtering them through her Balkan descent and a classical musical training.

Ally Venable started singing at an early age in church and then in recent years picked up the guitar and found her passion establishing herself as a Texas Blues Guitar Slinger writing own songs and performing them on stage.

Ina Forsman is a singer/songwriter  from Finland who started her career with Guy Verlinde and Helge Tallqvist and her style is located in the area of tension between blues, rock and jazz.

She was already part of the Blues Caravan 2016. ( )

Ally Venable presented her new album “Texas Honey” which will be released on Ruf Records on 22. March 2019.



Ina Forsman performed songs from her new album “Been Meaning To Tell You” also released on Ruf Records on 18. January 2019.




Katarina Pejak presented her new album “Roads That Cross” published on Ruf Records on 15. January 2019.