Tribute to George ‘Harmonica’ Smith 2018

  • 3. November 2018

On 2018-11-03 at Freddy’s Bar, Frederikshavn DK, there was a world premiere of “Tribute to George ‘Harmonica’ Smith” a tribute to the legend born 22nd, April 1924, in Helena, Arkansas and died on 2nd, October 1983 in Los Angeles .  George is to all blues-harp lovers, “The King of the Chromatic Harmonica”. The band consists of Europe’s 3 finest harp players. England is represented by Steve ‘West’ Weston, with the Italian colors being superbly displayed by Egidio ‘Juke’ Ingala, and finally Helge Tallqvist, from Finland, who toured with the great champion in Los Angeles in the early 80’s. Backing the three indistinguishable artists are Italian band, The Jackknives, who also count Ronni Boysen as a member, and who, in connection with Trainman Blues, recently won 2 Danish awards, “Album of the Year” and “Danish Blues Challenge of the Year”.